The IICC/UOK (The Institute for Information on the Crimes of Communism) is an organization founded in 2006. The aim of the organization is to honor the victims of Communism and to raise awareness of Communist crimes, with a special attention to the younger generations. The IICC/UOK also promotes vigilance towards other totalitarian and anti-democratic movements.

The IICC/UOK publishes information materials and media, surveys, reports, and teaching materials, participates in the public debate, and organizes film screenings, seminars, hearings, media events and exhibitions related to the subject.

Notable honorable members of the IICC/UOK and contributors in its publications and activities are current Foreign Minister of Sweden and former Prime Minister of Sweden Mr. Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister of Estonia Mr. Mart Laar, former Ambassador and EU Commissioner of Latvia Ms. Sandra Kalniete, MEP Mr. Gunnar Hökmark, Professor Robert Conquest, Professor of History Kristian Gerner, Professor of East European Studies Stefan Hedlund, Professor of History Klas-Göran Karlsson, author and journalist Mr. Staffan Skott, author and journalist Mrs. Kaa Eneberg, and many others.

The IICC/UOK cooperates with national institutions, embassies, institutes, NGO:s and organizations in Europe, the United States and Canada.

The IICC/UOK educational website about the crimes of communism:

The 20th anniversary of the liberated and reunited Europe
1989-2009 The 20th anniversary of the liberated and reunited Europe

Camilla Andersson
CEO and Founder

Anders Hjemdahl

IICC/UOK- Institute for Information on the crimes of communism.
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Crimes of the Communist Regimes

On January 17, 2011, the founders of the IICC, Anders Hjemdahl and Camilla Andersson, were awarded the Order of Terra Mariana by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former Estonian President Mart Laar and Camilla Andersson in joint seminar at the Nordic Bookfair, September 27
History behind the Iron Curtain in Stockholm
Kommunismens brott fördöms av Europaparlamentet
Människan i världen
A Platform of European Memory and Conscience
Katyn - galapremiär
Gothenburg Book Fair
Camilla Andersson och Litauens president
Paul Hollander
Imbi Paju
Anne Applebaum
Kriget efter kriget
Kommunismens brott mot mänskligheten
Att tro men inte veta
  Monument över kommunismens
offer invigt i Washington, DC